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Dear Parents,

If you haven’t already, it’s time to redirect part of your Georgia tax liability to our school!  Most of our administrators, staff members and some of our families have been doing so for years. The deadline for early application is December 15.

Enjoy the video below, created by DMS AP student, Constantin Acsente, featuring AP students Raymond Davies and Giancarlo Solis!

If you plan to participate, we encourage you to do so by December 1, as the cap is expected to be met on or shortly after January 1.

For more information and to participate go to and select the paperless process link on the homepage.

Our representative at Apogee, Cadie Lee Eure, is available and happy to answer your questions and even assist you in filling out your application. You can contact Cadie directly either by email at, or phone at 404-419-7127.

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