In My Day

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Thoughts from our founder…

I was born in 1928 and have seen many things and have been through many changes in the world. I want to share some of my memories with you today.

When my three sons were young they had many necessary chores: One was taking care of their pets, and there were many! Another very important chore was putting coal in the furnace in the basement. I don’t know how they organized whose turn it was, but they did the job, otherwise the house would get cold.  

Of course, they had lots of fun just living. Their school was one mile away and they walked there every day. Sometimes they liked to walk through the woods. I sat on my porch and listened as they walked toward our home. There was joy in their voices and I was happy because my children were coming home.

Where we lived there was no fire station, but our small community had a system. When something happened where help was needed, the neighbor would blow their car horn and everyone came. I experienced such a thing happening when my brother’s house caught on fire…the horn was blown and all came. A lot of people were carrying buckets of water and my other brother chopped a hole in the floor to save the house.  

Once I asked my sister-in-law if she remembered how excited we were to have a phone to talk on. She said yes, but what she remembered most was when she reached up …pulled a string— and A LIGHT CAME ON!

In my day there were many changes and many fears. Polio was our fear. My neighbor’s son had polio and was badly crippled. I don’t want to remember how worried we were.

Today we are facing a new type of worry. Parents are working from home and teachers are busy making plans for a new approach to education. We have very dedicated employees that are working hard for their students. The children are very fortunate.

We are being forced to slow down and refocus our minds and hearts. We can be fearful of what the future holds or we can be grateful for this precious time we have together as families. We will, no doubt come out of this uncertain time stronger, closer and more thankful than we were before. We have the unique opportunity in this busy age to re-examine what is important in our lives. We have the time to gain a new perspective on family and enjoy our children like we never have before. Being a parent is a privilege and the best time in a person’s life. Enjoy this time at home as a precious gift and have fun as a family.

Edith K. Overholser

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