Admissions Process

Congratulations! You are seeking Montessori education for your child. Maria Montessori developed a unique approach to educating children. We are excited to share her philosophy with you.

Our admissions process is designed to introduce you to the basics of this practical and common sense way of learning.

  • First, we invite you to tour our campuses.
  • Second, you will have the opportunity to observe a classroom where you will obtain a first-hand impression of the community.
  • Third, submit your application and $75 application fee to schedule a family interview with a school administrator.

Our Approach

The Duluth Montessori School has a specific approach to admissions. The purpose of our registration process is not to judge the child or the family or to select the “best” students from a pool of applicants. Rather, each step is designed as an interaction to gain information about the family and the child and to share information about the school with parents. The major focus of the interview is to determine congruence of values and goals between home and school. Secondarily, the interview helps to determine the readiness of the child for the classroom experience.

Upon acceptance parents are given an enrollment package to complete and return. Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all enrollment documents are completed and fees are paid, the administrators will determine class placement and the exact start date for the child.

Application for Enrollment