• … Dr. Montessori’s dream of a “Children’s House”: close contact with nature, an “indoor-outdoor” school! Everything Edith Overholser undertakes is done with zest, joy and competence!
    Margot Waltuch, AMI Consultant and Dr. Maria Montessori’s translator
  • Edith Overholser has been teaching and operating Montessori schools in the metropolitan Atlanta area for well over thirty years. Her dedication to children and her deep understanding of their needs has always under girded her work. The Duluth Montessori School, which she founded in 1984, has been carefully and lovingly developed to offer a program which is true to the principles of Montessori. It is a credit to her and her staff as well as to the community of Duluth, Georgia.
    Nikki Hughes, AMI Consultant
  • My visit to Duluth Montessori School’s toddler community made a very strong positive impression on me. I observed the longest, continuous work period ever! Respect of the children’s work was the top priority! The level of concentration and engagement I observed is rare even in established classes. The teachers are supported by administrators who know what it takes to lead parents, staff and faculty in building a community to be envied. The principles of Dr. Maria Montessori are being implemented to the fullest!
    Nancy Anslem, AMI Montessori Consultant
  • This family run school has tirelessly spent time and money in creating beautiful environments and grounds for this program. I commend this staff for their energy and determination to provide a quality experience for the children in their care.
    Carol Alver, AMI Montessori Consultant
  • I evolved into a good parent. My husband did, too. And the people and philosophy of Duluth Montessori helped us to become that. It was the best decision we ever made as parents and I say without a doubt Duluth Montessori had tremendous salutary influence on our children. My children thrived there and grew into bright, happy, spirited little people.
    Laura Whitehead, DMS Parent
  • What can I say about such a wonderful school. Edith Overholser started a small Montessori school down in East Point, GA over 40 years ago. My parents helped her build it, and my sister was in her first class of students. I attended her school myself from age 2.5-6 and I adored every moment of it. Fast forward to 2006 and my son was approaching school age, so I began searching. Lo and behold Mrs. Overholser’s school had grown and moved to Duluth. My children are now 8 and 6 and I couldn’t be happier with the education they are receiving. They have a passion and a love for learning and independent thought that can only be a product of a properly structured Montessori education.
    Amy Elk, DMS Alumnus and DMS Parent
  • All four of my kids have formed their love of learning at Duluth Montessori. Two have moved on to middle school and truly miss it. Bailey and Sam always come home talking about the gardens , “going outs”, or a lesson. Taylor and Jack are always saying “you are SO lucky!”…and they are.
    Jodi Nicholson, DMS Parent
  • I have two daughters at Duluth Montessori. Both of my girls have done amazingly well there. They both love learning and are constantly exploring their world. I think the parent education the school offers is a huge benefit to the families as well. I love that they approach and respect each child’s learning style with what they need.
    Heather Dantier, DMS Parent
  • Both of my daughters attended Duluth Montessori School. It was such a beautiful time in their lives! I feel it taught them respect for others, appreciation for order and beauty, problem solving and much more. I remember those days so fondly!
    Laura Mather, DMS Parent
  • I’m a Duluth Montessori alumni parent – thanks for all you gave my child, she loves learning and made the Dean’s List at GCSU!
    Myra Parris, DMS Parent
  • Our children, Justin & Monica Cheung attended this school many years ago. I am so grateful and pleased with their early education. Both of them have been in the gifted program since they were in first grade. The school also taught them to eat in a healthy way which has become a habit. The best early education that money can buy. Thank you.
    Evi Cheung, DMS Parent
  • My years as a student at Duluth Montessori were some of the best years of my life. I learned so much and I feel like Duluth Montessori taught me to have more respect for other people, as well as to really appreciate education. Also, I made life-long friends who are just as interested in learning and as respectful as I am. I am so thankful to my parents for making the choice to send me to Duluth Montessori School!
    Sophie Wakelin, DMS Alumnus
  • I learned so much here at Duluth Montessori! As an alumnus, I’m so happy I had the unique experience. I feel that Montessori kids are more respectful towards adults than the rest of my classmates, and I think we have a great love of learning. DMS is awesome!
    Mackenzie Rooke, DMS Alumnus
  • The years I spent at DMS have provided me with such an advantage at public school. It helped me develop social skills, as well as learning many academic skills. Now, I am a freshman taking more sophmore courses then freshman courses. Without my experience at Montessori school, I don’t know where I would be today!
    Keon Grant, DMS Alumnus
  • My Montessori background is what made me the person that I am today. I think that since I came from such a good learning environment I appreciate work better and that is what enables me to learn and succeed.
    Natalie Gagnon, DMS Alumnus
  • The benefits of attending Duluth Montessori during my prime learning years have been great and I am still noticing them to this day. I loved my seven years at this school and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I learned qualities that cannot be taught in the average public school class room, qualities that every child should have the opportunity to learn. Duluth Montessori has inspired me in choosing my major for college. I am currently interested in becoming a Special Educations Teacher so that I can teach special needs children a sort of independence that Duluth Montessori taught me.
    Laura Hamley, DMS Alumnus